touchgreen is the creative link between
nature & environmental education & the design of outdoor learning and play spaces
in Singapore and Asia

We re-connect people, especially children and youth with nature.

We design creative and biodiverse learn- and play spaces outside the classroom.

We create tailor-made concepts for a sustainable school development.

Teachers and planners learn more about the relationship between people and nature.

Nature is full of wonderful colours, shapes and amazing constructions. Just get inspired and be creative!

touchgreen services


touchgreen's goal is to connect people of all ages with nature, in particular children and youth.

touchgreen would like to make people aware of the important ecological questions of today’s world.

touchgreen offers creative art and hands-on projects, which stimulate imagination and inventiveness in the participants and can thus grow into lifelong positive memories.

touchgreen wants to contribute to creating more inspiring and attractive yet functional learning and play areas for the future generation.

touchgreen designs green, biodiverse child-appropriate creative learning and play environments.

"I am particularly interested in working with children and youth, our next generation, living typically in dense, urban environments. They will have to deal with the environmental and climatic challenges in the future. So it is important that they get prepared through positive and creative educational concepts in green play- and learning environments.“

Kathrin Schmiele