touchgreen provides conceptual advice to schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions on redesign processes, including implementing the curriculum in an environmentally-friendly way and designing of school playgrounds and outdoor areas.

A comprehensive assessment of the current situation will be made, followed by setting objectives and defining a concept for the school, with short-term and long-term development goals.

It is important to integrate processes and procedures into everyday school life and to entrench them with recurring activities. This includes involving the pupils and the whole school community in interesting practical projects and activities.

Such activities have many advantages: they enhance the individuals’ skills and provide a wealth of experiences. Students learn that their contribution is important. As part of a positive community initiative, they develop practical skills, pride and self-esteem. In return, such projects can promote cohesion and a sense of identity for the school’s community. Costs can also be saved by involving the pupils or the parents in the construction of the projects.

It is important that outdoor planning is adapted to the location and that local urban planning objectives and construction standards are met.

It is well known that school playgrounds are dynamic places which offer space for many activities but also for further development!

How green is your school or kindergarten? Is there an outdoor curriculum?

touchgreen is happy to support you!

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