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There are many advantages to learning with children and teenagers outside the classroom, at best in nature! This also applies to the tropics!

Further training for teachers, trainers and educators is intended to encourage them to apply and promote learning outside the classroom. Whether in kindergarten or at school, practical and playful outdoor- teaching methods can be applied in the "green classroom".

Studies show that children are able to concentrate better when in fresh air. Pedagogical methods for the outdoor area encourage learning with sensory and physical experiences. Hands-on actions and playful learnig methods promote action competences, social interaction, positive self-awareness and sustainably anchored knowledge in children and youth.

Teaching at universities in Singapore and the Asian region illustrates to students the link between nature and environmental education and landscape design, from the master plan to conceptual realization. The decisive roles of citizen participation, and different forms of participation of all involved, also in the further development and care are emphasised.

The relationship between people and nature should be the core focus of teachers and planners, especially in times of rapidly changing living environments.

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