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“Our children are the first generation to be raised without meaningful contact with the natural world. … Children who don’t experience nature won’t grow and cherish or protect it.”

Louv, Richard (2013): “Last child in the woods. Saving our children from nature-deficit-disorder”

Today, an increasing part of the world’s population lives in cities. Access to nature is often limited by densely planned urban areas and limited time. Many only connect with nature virtually, through media or app buttons on their mobile-touchscreens. Many people, in particular children living in urban areas, grow up without a direct connection with nature.

Schools too are responsible for creating sustainable educational concepts which prepare children and teenagers for the tasks of tomorrow in a holistic, targeted, resourceful and sensitive way. To this end, outdoor and environmental education methods can be used to complement and support the school’s curriculum.

This includes creative learning, as well as playful and hands-on methods to teach urban ecology and technical knowledge in a sociable setting. Being in touch with nature will benefit children and teenagers as a long-lasting, positive learning experience.

In preparation of excursions and outdoor educational programs, I work closely together with the respective teachers to create tailored concepts that match the pupils‘ knowledge, the group dynamics and the given time frame.

All programs and topics are flexible and can be arranged to fit individual needs and expectations.

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