nature & art

“Colours are the smile of nature” Leigh Hunt

Nature is full of wonderful colours, shapes and interesting constructions. These can be documented and analysed in order to take away important learnings. Recycling takes various materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal and gives them a new context. Different shapes and colours can be created out of collected materials and no limit is set for curious and creative minds.

In addition to observing nature, children learn how to use recyclable materials responsibly by experimenting and being creative. Being creative means simply having a go and trying things out, getting to know the materials, developing techniques and discovering one's own artistic abilities.

There are no limits to curiosity and fantasy!

Along the way, the children are encouraged to explore their own abilities and to express themselves in an artistic and original way. Using hands-on methods, the children work individually or in smaller groups and create stunning results, while learning to work with new materials and tools and to develop their own creativity.

The focus is on discovering new opportunities and possibilities, instead of limitations and problems. On seeing what they have achieved, participants are often surprised at what they are capable of. However, it is not just about the finished artwork but also the process!

Displays of such art projects create a positive atmosphere and a sense of identity in the children’s learning environment. Whether inside the classroom, outside in the school playground or in a natural setting: nature art projects are cost-efficient and fun.

In the creative process everything is possible!

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